1° Imbarcazione in Europa in Vetroresina
1° Imbarcazione in Europa in vetroresina

In 1952 the Knight Giancarlo Verga produces and markets in cooperation with the Engineers of the Milan Polytechnic the Europe's first fibreglass boat. Questo è stato il primo passo per mettere le basi sulla futura fondazione di VERGA-Plast.

VERGA-Plast Foundation
Giancarlo Verga and Pierangela Cairoli founded VERGA-Plast

In 1958, Cavaliere Giancarlo Verga and his wife Pierangela Cairoli founded VERGA-Plast.

This is a historical photo of Larianella

At the Milan International Boat Show, Larianella, Europe's first boat built using vacuum thermoforming technology, is presented.

Genoa Boat Show
Genoa International Boat Show
This photo shows the 9th Genoa International Boat Show in 1970.

In 1970, VERGA-Plast began exhibiting at the Genoa International Boat Show.

The rise of the marine division began.

Lario 320, the start of a success story
Lario 320
Historical photo Lario 320

Larianella turned the development and future of VERGA-Plast on its head by launching the Lario 320 and the entire Lario line.

Lariana, revolution of a great classic
This is a historical photo of Lariana

The first unsinkable thermoformed double-shell lance with closed-cell polyurethane foam.


Iconic boat, a real success.

In 1989, Libellula Export, a simplified version, was presented

The evolution of Lariana
Delfino 330
This photo shows Delfino 330

VERGA-Plast is growing, the nautical sector is becoming increasingly important.

Delfino 330 was created to elevate Lariana by impressing customers with its high quality standards and high rate of innovation.

In the years to come follow the entire Delfino range, many models also available under sail.

Sweetfly 375

The first sailboard from VERGA-Plast

Fuego 400
This is a historical photo of the Fuego 400

The first speedboat from VERGA-Plast.

In 1988 it was replaced by the Fuego 480.

400 Turismo and 360 Special

VERGA-Plast's first two canoes are presented to embrace all-round boating.

Delfino 440
This photo shows Delfino 440
Slicksail 425
This photo shows slicksail

Slicksail is a small dinghy, suitable for both beginners and experts. Slicksail adds to this the advantages of a boat that can be used in both single and double versions, thanks to the reduced weight of the hull and the sail plan that can be specially modified for both types of sailing.


Fuego 480
This is a historical photo of Fuego 480
The world's largest thermoforming machine
Large thermoforming machine

In those years, Giancarlo Verga, collaborating with the Milan Polytechnic, continued to innovate by disrupting traditional building techniques.

At VERGA-Plast, the thermoforming machine which for years held the record of being the largest in the world.

The machinery was very important for the construction of the new boats. 

Libellula Export
Tender 250
This photo shows Tender 250
Delfino 520
Tender 220
This photo shows Tender 220

The first Tender 220 model is launched

Tender 245
This photo shows white Tender 245 with electric motor

The first Tender 245 model is launched

Delfino 600
Tender 220T
This photo shows Tender 220T
Milan World Expo
EXPO Milan 2015

VERGA-Plast Designthe division of outdoor accessories made with the skills acquired in the nautical sector, participates in the2015 Milan World Expo with Choco, the large, modular, multi-purpose chocolate cube.

Great success for Coral View 250
Coral View 250
This photo shows Coral View 250 with transparent undersides

The small, totally transparent dinghy, a panoramic window on the sea, was presented at the 59th International Boat Show in Genoa.

A great success for customers and the national and international press.

VERGA-Plast Store
VERGA-Plast Store
This screenshot shows the first home page of VERGA-Plast Store

VERGA-Plast Nautica does not only think about products but also thinks about services and wants to take the customer experience to the next level.

is born. VERGA-Plast Storethe first online store of an Italian boatyard.

You buy the Tender with a touch and receive it wherever you want, even at home or at the marina.


Coral Life 250
Coral Life 250

Coral Life 250 represents a new starting point for VERGA-Plast Nautica.

The first tender made in recycled plastic and 100% recyclable featuring electric motorisation is no longer a prototype or yet another press ad, it is a real product available to the customer, which can also be purchased online.

The First 65 Years of Verga 1958
65th Anniversary
January 2023
From VERGA-Plast Nautica to VERGA 1958

On the occasion of its 65th anniversary, the nautical division of VERGA-Plast changed from VERGA-Plast Nautica to VERGA 1958 with a total rebranding.

May 2023
Launch of Oyster View and Oyster Life
Oyster View and Oyster Life
This photo shows Oyster Life

Al 4° Rendez-vouz della Nautica del Lago Maggiore alla Marina di Verbella sono stati lanciati Oyster View e Oyster Lifetwo kayaks with unique features designed by the Milanese studio Matteo Costa Yacht & Design.

September 2023
Launch of Sextant 6.8 and Sextant 6.8e
Sextant 6.8 and Sextant 6.8e
This photo shows Sextant 6.8e and Sextant 6.8 in parallel

During the 63° Salone Nautico di Genova, Verga 1958 presented the revolutionary boats Sestante 6.8 e Sestante 6.8ethe result of collaboration with Matteo Costa Yacht & Design. The Sestante 6.8 offers petrol propulsion from 40 to 150 hp, while the Sestante 6.8e offers electric propulsion equivalent to 25 hp, both designed for luxury and comfort, with customisation options to accommodate up to eight people. This presentation, celebrating the 65 anni di attività di Verga 1958, mette in risalto l'innovazione e la sostenibilità, incarnando l'essenza della "Italian Dolce Vita".

Novembre 2023
Lancio di Verga 1958 - Ai Concierge
Verga 1958 - Ai Concierge

Verga 1958 - Ai Concierge - Il primo vero assistente virtuale basato su un'avanzata intelligenza artificiale nell'industria nautica europea. To the Concierges è pronto ad aiutarti per qualsiasi informazione su prodotti e servizi Verga 1958!