Italian boatyard. We have been bringing emotions to life since 1958.
Scopri "Verga 1958 - Ai Concierge", il 1° vero assistente virtuale, basato su intelligenza artificiale, nell'industria nautica europea è pronto ad aiutarti!

Marina di Verbella - 17 / 19 Maggio 2024

Vieni a scoprire la vera Dolce Vita italiana con Sestante 6.8

Vieni a trovarci - 29 Maggio / 2 Giugno 2024

Vieni a scoprire la vera Dolce Vita italiana con Sestante 6.8

Vieni a trovarci - 19 / 24 Settembre 2024

Vieni a scoprire la vera Dolce Vita italiana con Sestante 6.8



Sestante 6.8


Novità - I Kayak realizzati in Italia da Verga 1958 - Disegnati da Matteo Costa Yacht & Design
This photo shows Oyster Life

Oyster Life

The 100% recyclable plastic kayak

Oyster View

Oyster View

The transparent panoramic kayak


icons inspired by nature

Coral Life 250

The first 100% recyclable plastic boat

This photo shows Coral View 250 with transparent undersides

Coral View 250

An exclusive panoramic experience in contact with nature


Practical and reliable

Tender 220T

the fully transparent tender

Tender 245

useful, practical and versatile

This photo shows Tender 250

Tender 250

the double-shell injected, unsinkable tender


Reliable and elegant


The beauty of the classic

Double-shell, unsinkable
This photo shows Delfino 330

Delfino 330

the smallest in the dolphin range

This photo shows Delfino 380

Delfino 380

Unique boat

This photo shows Delfino 440

Delfino 440

A classic must

Delfino 520

5 metres 20 in style

This photo shows Delfino 600

Delfino 600

Elegance and style


Double-shell injected, unsinkable.
This photo shows Larianella


the iconic larianella

This photo shows Lario 320

Lario 320

From the iconic larianella comes lario 320

Lario 380

after lario 320 lario 380 was born

This photo shows Lario 420

Lario 420

the definitive hull born from the iconic larianella

Mooring buoys

Quality mooring buoys made in Italy

Aiuta Sea Shepherd Italia!

VERGA-Plast and Sea Shepherd share love for the sea and for life believing in a more sustainable future. Sea Shepherd is a non-profit organisation that focuses on: Defending, Preserving and Protecting Life in the Oceans.

A story of passion and love

Made in Italy

Respect and love for people and the planet are at the core of our thinking.

These pillars have been the basis of our ethical choice to continue manufacturing uninterruptedly in Italy since 1958.